Study Overview

This Detail Design assignment is building on the recommendations made during the Preliminary Design and Class Environmental Assessment (Class EA) study for the improvements to the intersection of Highway 12/Simcoe Road 169/Ramara Road 6 in the Township of Ramara, County of Simcoe.

That study, started in 2011 and completed in 2014, included consultation with External Agencies/Stakeholders, property owners, and the public. A range of alternative intersection improvements were identified and evaluated, based on consideration of environmental, socio-economic, engineering factors and other considerations.

The preferred alternative selected for the Highway 12/Simcoe Road 169/Ramara Road 6 intersection was installation of a roundabout.

The purpose of this Detail Design assignment is to finalize the design, develop strategies to reduce environmental impacts, and integrate the project into the local surroundings.

The project will enhance operations and safety and includes the following main components:

  • Construction of a single-lane roundabout and approaches including removal of the existing channelized right-turn lane;
  • Modifications to the intersection alignment, including the intersection of Ramara Road 6 East/Simcoe Road 169;
  • Drainage improvements including general grading of ditches, culvert flushing and cleanout, reditching and removal of vegetation/standing water, installation of new culverts, culvert removals and culvert replacements;
  • Provision of appropriate illumination levels at the roundabout and approaches; and
  • Landscaping along approaches and central island; and
  • Utility relocations.

During construction, traffic management measures may include speed reductions, lane restrictions and night work to facilitate construction activities. Single lane closures controlled by temporary traffic control flagging are anticipated. Notice of Construction and lane closures will be communicated to the travelling public and local residents through advance construction signing two weeks prior to commencement of project works.

The study will follow the approved planning process for a Group ‘C’ Detail Design project in accordance with the Class Environmental Assessment for Provincial Transportation Facilities (2000) (see EA Process)

An Environmental Screening Document will be prepared documenting the existing environmental conditions, summary of design features, potential impacts of the undertaking, required mitigation procedures, as well as consultation activities.