EA Process

Ontario Environment Assessment Act (OEAA)

An Environmental Assessment, or EA, is a decision-making process used to promote good environmental planning by assessing the potential effects of certain activities on the environment. In Ontario, Environmental Assessments are defined and authorized under the Ontario Environmental Assessment Act (OEAA), R.S.O. 1990. To fulfill the requirements of the OEAA, MTO developed the Class Environmental Assessment for Provincial Transportation Facilities (2000) (Class EA) process.

Class EA Process

The study will follow the approved planning process for a Group “C” Detail Design project in accordance with the Class EA. The purpose of the Class EA process is to ensure that governments and public bodies consider potential environmental effects before an infrastructure project begins.

The Detail Design phase of the EA process will include input from engineering and environmental specialists in the areas of road and traffic engineering, electrical engineering, surveying, pavement engineering, utilities, landscape, drainage, groundwater, aquatic and terrestrial biology, wildlife and birds, and archaeology.

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